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Nothing But Regrets
Greetings. Welcome to my realm. I am Oberon, King of...no...I fear I am no longer King of anything. Hollow Earth has fallen - my beloved Queen, my subjects...all gone. I cannot remember how I escaped or why. All I know is that the Earth is not how I left it & I am...alone. ((Indi OC Multiverse blog. Both muse & mun are 21+; FC is David Bowie.))

Looking back, it had been an incredibly bad idea…but Oberon was still testing the waters when it came to what he was capable of in the Upper Realm and he had to be sure…so he’d attempted a transformation spell. Nothing elaborate - a simple mountain lion - similar in mass to his own form.  Although not indigenous to Tennessee, he wasn’t planning on being seen, so it hadn’t really mattered.  He’d had a bit of fun in his new form, and then, beginning to feel weakened, the king attempted to transform back…and couldn’t.  Panic didn’t set in right away; after all, it was only a spell - when his magic weakened enough he’d transform back…then the hunters had seen him.  Shots rang out - he ran - pain flared through his side!  The lead in the bullet instantly pushed him back into his human form as fire flashed through his veins.  He stumbled, falling down a steep incline and landing hard on his side in a camp clearing.  Hearing cries of shock and surprise at his unexpected intrusion, Oberon had just enough time to realize how big of a mistake he’d made before consciousness left him.

When he woke, it was with a splitting headache in a room obvious designed to invoke calm…but it smelled strongly on antiseptic…so, a hospital, then?  At least his veins no longer felt like they were on fire - which meant the bullet had been removed.  So…it was time to make his escape.  Unfortunately the Fae still could sense only a vague tendril of his normal powers, and he had no way to replenish himself here, so he’d have to leave to old-fashioned way…on his own two legs.  He was making the attempt to stand when the nurse came in.  Despite the fact that he couldn’t sense what she was - Oberon knew immediately that she wasn’t human because her magic washed over him in a flood - a beacon to his deprived soul.  Panic set in.  If she touched his skin in this state, he’d most likely kill her.  He had no choice…the king had to do anything to keep her away from him…

…which is how he found himself in the institution.  In the eyes of the hospital staff it was the only safe place for him to be while he recovered.  The problem was, here…in this place…with everyone pumping him full of that toxin they called ‘medicine’…his wound would never heal.  He needed the forest…needed out of this lead-lined death trap.  But escape had become painfully futile; the Fae was simply too well guarded.  Sighing he sat by an open window in the common area and stared with longing at a nearby park filled with trees…then he jumped as something flew directly past his head.  Looking over, Oberon saw another patient happily coloring pieces of paper and then folding them into the semblance of a bird before throwing them through the air.  Watching for a moment, the king suddenly had an idea.  His chances were slim…but maybe the Fates were with him…maybe…

Standing, he shuffled painfully over to the other patient and gestured to several sheets of blank paper with the institution’s letterhead at the top.  “May I?” he asked softly.  When the other man nodded his consent, he took several sheets, as well as a purple crayon and went back to his original seat.  With care, the Fae considered what he could write…what might garner real help.  In the end he put the crayon aside, and used the last vestiges of his magic to imprint a plea for aid into the paper itself.  Then, with great care, Oberon mimicked the other man’s motions and began folding.  Once finished, he whispered out a silent plea to Gaia and sent the paper soaring out the window.  Magic had a tendency to seek out its own.  Maybe…just maybe…that paper would land at the feet of someone who could help him.